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The campaigns from the left menu includes four sub-menus:


This page displays all the campaigns you can filter them using the search criteria, and you can add new campaign by clicking on the “Create New” Button.

Campaigns Page

Create New Campaigns

Be sure to set up your Account, and create/import at least one List and one Template before creating your first Campaign.

To create a new campaign, from the campaign page click on “create new”, There are required fields to be filled, you must type in a campaign name and then in the drop-down list, choose which list you want to send the campaign to.

Create New Campaign

after clicking on the save and next button the next screen is the Campaign setup and Campaign options for tracking and receiving stats. Click on each header title for information on each setting.

Campaign Setup and Campaign Options

Clicking ‘Save and next’ will take you to the template area. Here you can create or choose a template. The Mailer Application uses the CKeditor which is a WYSIWYG, a visual template builder. You are encouraged to educate yourself on this editor in the Template area and on their website. Without going into detail, moving your cursor over each button will give you an information box of what it does. Also, if you are familiar with html coding, you may click on the ‘Source’ button to view/modify/paste code.

Create or Choose a Template


This page lists all the added groups, you can edit or delete any of them by clicking on the corresponding buttons, you can also add new group by clicking on the “Create New” Button and fill in the group name. Groups are a way to categorize your Campaigns. As an example, if you eventually have 40-50 or more campaigns of both Estates and Yachts, you could create Estate and Yacht groups and simply categorize each of your campaigns within these groups for an easier search feature instead of having to search through all campaigns.

Campaign Groups


This page lists all the campaigns and their general stats, its useful for comparing campaigns.

Campaign Stats

Custom Tags

You can create custom tags and these tags can be used inside campaigns, you can also edit or delete any of the added tags.

Campaign Custom Tags