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When you have logged in to the system using your credentials, you will start with folder menu. Folder Menu contains the main component and functions of the system.

DMS Main Screen

Menu Item:

  • Add Sub-Folder: Adding a sub-folder to the folder you are at the moment.

Add Sub Folder Screen

  • Add Document: For More Information visit: Document Parameter
  • Add Document: Uploading multiple documents.
  • Edit Folder: Editing current folder basic information.

Edit Folder Screen

  • Edit Access: Managing folder permissions. You can grant users access privileges. There are 4 different types of permissions:
    • No access
    • Read Permissions
    • Read-Write Permissions
    • All Permissions

Edit Access Screen

  • Edit Notification List: Sending a user or a group of users notifications when folders or documents added or modified.

Edit Notification List

  • Index Folder: Updating folder indexing for search functions.

Update Fulltext Index