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This menu gives the user access to numerous types of data stored in the System:

  • My documents: Contains several entries to access documents of interest:
    • Documents in process: List of documents awaiting review or approval whether they are owned by the user or waiting the user to take action. Moreover, a list of documents that are locked by the user.
    • All documents: list of all documents owned by the user.
    • Review summary: list of all the documents that were reviewed or awaiting review by the user.
    • Approval summary: list of all the documents that were approved or awaiting approval by the user.
  • My Account: To edit user account information and check used disk space. Additionally, a list of Users and Groups is presented if you are logged in as an admin.
  • Sign Out: Exit the system.

All Documents
Documents Locked
Edit User Details
Group List
USer List
Workflow Summary