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Establishing permissions for users and groups on numerous Files and Documents.

Permission Levels

Access levels cases are:

  1. Total permits: Users can perform any operation on the Document.
  2. Reading and writing: Users can update records and add content to folders.
  3. Read only: Users can view the contents of a folder and download documents.
  4. No Access: Users cannot view the contents of a folder or any individual documents.

By default, administrators have absolute permission on all documents and folders in the system. Similarly, document owners have full permission on their documents. Only administrators can change the owner of a document.

Permissions Management

For each folder and document permissions are managed through two different cases:

  1. Default permissions are valid in the absence of any specific list.
  2. A list of permissions, allows you to specify exceptions to the default permissions.

Access Inheritance

Permissions for folders and documents can be set as a hereditary. In this case, files and folders inherit same permissions of the folder that contains them.