Document Parameter

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  • Name: The name of the document on the system.
  • Comment: Add comment to this document.
  • Keywords: Categorize and organize documents by using keywords. For more information about creating keywords: Documents, Folders Meta data and attribute
  • Categories: Another way to categorize your documents. For more information about Categories: Documents, Folders Meta data and attribute
  • Sequence: Document Ordering.
  • Expires: Expiry date of the document.
  • Version: Version number.
  • Local file: Upload file from local computer.
  • File from drop folder: Upload any file from drop folder for more information: Using SNIPER D.M.S as Local Drive
  • Version comment
  • Workflow: Assign the document to a workflow. For more information on how to create workflow: Workflow. Documents are automatically marked as released if no workflow is assigned.
Documents Parameter