PushMail Overview

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To access the [email protected] System, you first need to login using your credentials. Login is convenient and secure.


Once you open your Internet browser and navigate to the system URL, you will be redirected to the login screen, Use your account username and password here.

Login Screen


The first page after the login is the dashboard. It contains basic overview of the account with several statistics like number of campaigns, number of lists, total number of subscribers, number of templates, in addition to the recent sent and its statistics like clicks rate, opens rate, bounce rate and unsubscribe rate.

Dashboard Screen

Dashboard Title Bar

The Title Bar at the top of the Dashboard is for quick links and your account settings.

  1. Collapse icon ‘hides’ the left menu to give you more work space in the main body.
  2. Account Usage icon gives you a quick summary of your Lists, Campaigns and Subscribers.
  3. Your name in the upper right has two links, one to your My Account settings and the other ‘Logout.’
It is important that if you are using an office computer or a public computer that you logout of your account or your account profile – email, password and other private information such as all customer information would be at risk.

Side Menu

The left menu contains the most important aspect of the application as it features the most important aspects of your email campaigns. There are three distinct areas of any email marketing – contact lists (Lists), the products or services you want to inform a contact list of (Campaigns) and the appearance of the sent campaign (Templates). You have the ability to create, modify, add and delete any of your Lists, Campaigns and Templates. As you work in these areas, you will increase your knowledge in the power of this application and email marketing. There are hidden treasures, such as forms (to place on your website) and tracking (which aids greatly in your follow-up) and so much more that can and will develop your business if used methodically